Racks for tyres

stelazai_padangomsJSC “Sandelita” shall offer You cheap but especially reliable, stable and spacious racks for vertical storage of tyres.

  • The tyres shall be stored vertically. Such way of storage shall protect form of the tyre from deformation even if it shall be stored for longer storage periods.
  • These racks are made of qualitative galvanized steel and additionally covered with clear organic primer therefore they are especially resistant to environmental impact. They are suitable for use in underground parking premises, warehouses, cellars or likewise. Even mechanical damage of the racks is hardly noticeable.
  • The racks shall be easily connected to each other up to required length. When one module of rack shall be placed, the second one shall be connected to the same support, in this way area of the premises shall be used more effectively and price of the rack will be reduced.
  • Tyre storage racks shall be available in three, four or five storeys depending on the height of the premise ceiling.
  • Tyre racks may be effectively combined with storage racks.

Special racks for tyres are one of the most cheapest and effective ways for storage of tyres or wheel rims. It is a good way to renew a warehouse, auto service or garage by significantly reducing costs of the premises for storage of tyres.

Rack project shall be prepared in consideration of particular needs and requests of the client, according which price of the product shall be adjusted and established.

Professional archive of documents and storage of documents shall allow prevent unnecessary documents in archive premises, save area of archive, reduce costs of employees’ work time and facilitate search of the required document.