Pallet racks

gennemlc3b8b3JSC“Sandelita” can offer You pallet, mobile, drive in, console and other types of racks for storage of trays or goods of great clearance.  Pallet racks are the most wide spread, economic and universal way of storage which allow storage of various size and weight goods using various types of loaders.  They perfectly suit for small warehouses and for largest centers of logistics.

Rack systems offered by JSC “Sandelita” distinguish by universality, convenience, internecine compatibility and reliability.

  • Type of racks for warehouses as well as thickness of shelves and supports shall be selected individually, considering to weight and clearance of goods intended for storage.  It allows additional possibilities of racks’ selection and let to offer optimal price for racks. In some systems the height is not limited.
  • Storage racks for trays that are offered by our company correspond to special requirements of storage and safety.
  • These racks are made of qualitative galvanized steel and additionally covered with clear organic primer so they are especially resistant to various harmful factors and are durable.  Even mechanic damage of the racks is hardly noticeable.
  • Storage racks ensure easy access to each unit of the goods under storage and guarantee usage of the storage premises at the maximum.

Plenty of our offered racks for storage, its variety and possibility to combine them with each other ensure economically reasoned decisions that correspond to Your expectations and raised requirements.

More information about specifications and prices of the goods shall be supplied when You will contact with JSC “Sandėlita” specialists.