Archive racks


Archive racks offered by JSC “Sandelita” are especially functional:

  • Racks are made of qualitative galvanized steel and additionally covered with clear organic primer so it shall not stain and are especially resistant to various harmful factors. Even mechanical damage of racks is hardly noticeable. These racks are especially stable and can support great loads.
  • Each shelf shall have additional corners of rigidity so it can support load up to 100 kg and more depending on specification of the shelf.
  • The racks shall be easily connected to each other up to required length. Shelves shall be hung from both sides of the support so the second and further modules of racks shall be completed with one support only.
  • Fully correspond to requirements raised for archive furniture.
  • Usually single-sided 300 mm depth and double-sided 600 mm depth racks shall be used in archives. They shall be adjusted to binders of the standard height, but we can’t offer shelves of different heights which would correspond Your needs. Thread of change of shelf’s height shall be 25 mm only.

Professional employees of the company will help You to install archive which would correspond Your individual needs, which would use area of the premises at the maximum and give You all required information.