About us

JSC “Sandelita” is a young, professional and reliable company that raises high requirements for the quality of the sold goods and supplied services, urgent and qualitative (client service) (implementation of orders).

Main trends of the activity of the company:

  • planning of warehouse’s logistics system,
  • wholesale and retail of storage and packing equipment and materials,
  • storage equipment installation, service and demounting works.

JSC “Sandelita” is successfully selling production for storage and packing equipment of German, Sweden, Czech and other countries’ manufacturers.  We offer large assortment of goods directly from warehouse and we seek to ensure terms of urgent delivery and work performance for those who ordered goods.

We are sure that You will not be out of conceit with quality, functionality and longevity of storage and packing equipment and materials as well as services supplied by JSC “Sandėlita”.

We are happy to offer our clients his/her needs corresponding proposal and competitive price!